Old dinosaurs rule – yay!

At 60-and-a-bit (and the bit’s my own business!) I have just set up my first blog site – thrilled to bits!  It’s definitely an age thing with me and my friends –  this fear of technology.  We’ve all used it in our working lives, but never for ‘social’ purposes.  All our socialising was done by letter (no – not parchment and quill, before you say anything!), but lovely Basildon Bond blue and a good hand; or by telephone, (the old black one in public phone boxes, before we got one in the house).  An instrument of torture designed to baffle even the most intelligent, with it’s Button A and Button B on the side, one or other to be pressed only after the phone was lifted by the receiver on the other end.  Or, when totally bamboozled and nothing worked, press 0 for the operator). And in Ireland back then, this faceless Operator held all the power – you could hear the disapproval filter down the line, all the way from Dublin to my rural home town, at this invasion of her privacy (they were always women!).  Perhaps we’d disturbed her fag break, or broke into the crucial bit of salacious gossip ongoing with her colleague – who knows?

Later, we got an exchange much closer to home – and that was a revelation – they knew everyone and everything going on in the district, as I found to my cost when I tried to put a call through to a chap I fancied.  ‘Does your mother know you’re chasing him?’  I was asked, much to my mortification and a quick slap-down of the hand piece.

Anyway, why am I setting up this blog if I’m such a technophobe, you may well ask.  Well, I’m a writer and, lately, identified an agent/publisher to whom I’d like to send my novel.  But – hark at this – they’re only interested in writers who have an ‘active social media presence.’  For an instant I wondered why on earth they’d want to know about my sex life – but then the penny dropped!  So you see, I must admit to being something of a dinosaur.  But, hey, one step at a time – right?  I’m here, this is my blog – hope you’ll enjoy it and feel free to join me.